RipEditBurn 2.3.42 Review

RipEditBurn is voice recording software from Blaze Audio, one of the pioneer companies in the field. The program has decent capabilities using audio input from the computer and storing the data digitally.

Audio feed is supported by the microphone and line-in ports. In addition to this, you can use the Loop Circle on the line-in and line-out speaker ports to essentially capture any sound played on the computer. Overall, however, file format compatibility is not RipEditBurn’s strong suit; if you need a program that can work with all of the most popular file formats, consider WavePad .

The record window lets you define the playback and recording devices as well as adjusting sampling, bit rates and channels. Along with these, a recording level and balance slider are provided for better control. The record timer can be used to time a future recording session. The voice-activated recording option found in the best audio recording software is absent here, limiting the program’s use for many voice recording users.

The rip options within the program include digital and analog ripping, rip to edit, and rip to burn. The software gives you offers options like track list, add track, delete track, clear list, audition, audio CD format, data CD format with multisession and normalize.

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Some of the audio filters supported by RipEditBurn that are relevant to voice recording are normalize, amplify, mix, notch filter, pop and click removal, noise gate, trim silence, insert silence and additional tools like change format, split and an ID3 tag editor. These filters and tools can be used on a voice recording or audio ripped from a CD, using the edit window.

The audio recording software is easy to master, as the program offers three distinct interface windows: rip, edit and burn. These contain most of the program features and tools, and the remaining tools and features can be accessed from the toolbar.

The user interface is moderately easy to use, though it has a cluttered and outdated design. Each of the major functions – rip, edit and burn – are in their own tabs so you won’t be distracted by other functions while you work.

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Blaze Audio offers support directly to its clients via email. There are a few information resources on the company’s website, like tutorials, a FAQs section and updates. However, the help files bundled with the software need to be worked up a bit.

With plenty of room for improvements, RipEditBurn represents a reasonable audio recording application, albeit with limited scope. It manages to perform most basic voice recording tasks on a simplistic level. Features like voice-activated recording and a recording scheduler are missing. To compete with higher-scoring programs, this recording software would need support for more file formats, better organized help files and an upgraded interface.