Breo Mini210 Review

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The Breo Mini210 Handheld Body Massager works as a small-scale solution for both relaxation and minor pain relief. It does not include a power switch to control the device, and it’s not an appropriate solution for those who have difficulty gripping small or midsize objects.

This hand massager does not work as well for backs as it does for arms, legs and scalps. It does not allow you to switch the unit on or off without adding pressure, so it requires you to maintain a grip on the device for the duration of your massage. This trait makes a big difference in terms of usefulness. While you may not be able to reach the small of your back, you can use it with a partner for better coverage. If you’d prefer a massager that allows you to reach more areas of your back, you might want to consider back massagers . The pressure requirement of the Breo limits the efficacy of the massager, but it does ensure that you feel pressure while using the device.

Given the simplicity of its design, it should come as no surprise that the Breo Mini210 massager does not allow you to choose vibration settings either. When it runs, it maintains a single vibration setting for as long as you put pressure on the unit. The lack of additional settings makes the unit better suited for relaxation than advanced therapy. Only with downward pressure can this massager reach deeper muscle groups, and the unit only adds vibration to the experience. It does not allow heated massages. If you’re looking for something with more massage capabilities, check out the  Prospera PL008 Penguin Percussion  or the  Brookstone Max 2 Node Percussion Massager.

This handheld massager does come with a waterproof body that is available in three different colors. The massager fits in the palm of your hand and can be exposed to some water without experiencing any lasting damage. The unit includes a matching carrying pouch that keeps it safe during transport. This adds little value to the device itself, but it can appeal to the avid traveler. The massager fits in most carry-on bags, and it can fit in a purse with just as much discretion.

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The Breo Mini210 personal massager does not come with changeable replacement heads. It requires three AAA batteries to function, and it does not come with any sort of rechargeable power pack. This means you can expect less power than a traditional corded massager has, and it may not provide enough stimulation to work deeper muscle groups.

Overall, the Breo Mini210 handheld massager provides little more than controlled vibration. It comes with a carrying case, but it lacks customization options.