Audio Recorder Platinum 4.5 Review

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Audio Recorder Platinum is entry-level voice recording software from EZ SoftMagic. The software has a well-designed user interface with conveniently placed command options. Audio Recorder functions in two modes: normal record and EZ ALL-Record. The unique EZ ALL-Record mode offers voice recording capabilities with no quality loss, even with a sound card.

Audio Recorder supports all audio feed/input options, such as microphones, line-in devices, loop back cable, PC playback, internet streaming audio playback and video playback. Wave Out or Stereo Mix options can be used too, provided the options are unhidden and enabled in Windows 7 or Vista.

With this recording software, you can choose which of the two included modes you want to record your voice in. You can switch between modes by clicking the icons in the main application window. The Auto Record icon unveils an Auto Record setting window with options to automatically start and stop recordings and set up output options. A recording can be scheduled to time, date and day parameters. Recording duration can be set to a specific size or time duration. Using the output options, you can fix a date stamp to a recording to prevent accidental recording over a file.

Though a CD ripping tool is not available in Audio Recorder, you can rip digital and analog audio using the recording tools and features. The quality of the rip can be set using the Output Quality Management box situated below the main application window. There is no dedicated burn tool or related features within the application.

The advanced record settings dialog box has filters like low pass, high pass and notch. Automatic gain controls with a low and high setting are available, too. The integrated ID3 tag edit is accessed by clicking on its icon in the main application window. Recorded files can be split and joined, but a separate add-on is required. Audio Recorder lets you record to MP3, OGG and WAV formats only, and lacks compatibility with other common formats such as FLAC and WMA.

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The software is fairly difficult to use among the software we reviewed. While the interface is well-designed, it could do with better planning in some places (e.g., the link to help files is in the About dropdown). Keyboard shortcuts are available to help speed up your workflow. Additionally, the bundled help files are well-formatted with links and are adequately detailed. Email support and a FAQs section can be accessed at the developer’s site.

Audio Recorder Platinum is a fair option for occasional or basic recording using the built-in recording timer and scheduler. The program lacks burning tools, advanced filters and many common effects, many of which could be found in WavePad , the best program we reviewed. All of this, along with its limited format compatibility, makes this program hard to recommend.

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